Jenna Casillo

NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

WNY Metro Roberts Realty

About Jenna Casillo

My name is Jenna Casillo, and I’m a full time realtor in the WNY area, where I was born and raised. Prior to entering the real estate industry, I spent 4 years in the freight forwarding business, preparing extensive documents daily for truck shipments to cross the border into Canada. I eventually transitioned to the homecare industry, where I handled insurance claims and equipment orders for patients for the next 8 years. In those 12 years I learned how to provide an extremely high level of customer service. But, deep down I wanted to be a full time agent. There was something about being part of a life changing event that resonated with me, and real estate was the perfect fit. I had a strong desire to do more purposeful work. I’ve made a commitment to work tirelessly for my clients to make sure they have the best possible experience. Integrity and authenticity are very important to me and the basis on how I run my business. I get to meet wonderful people all the time, many who turn into friends along the way. It’s been a privilege to be able to say that I’ve found my dreamwork! When I’m not working, you can find me at the beach, doing CrossFit or spending time with my nephew, Enzo. I’m an avid red wine drinker, and spend lots of time outdoors with our black German Shepherd, Logan.

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The 20% down myth!

One of the biggest misconceptions about buying a house is that you’re required to have 20% down. Now, if you have the 20% - great. This means you’ll finance less, and possibly

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Simple things in life

Missing this day today. I visited the Panama Rocks last summer. It's about an hour from here.  Places like this have a way of detaching the craziness of life so I can think straight for. &

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Toddler life

Today my nephew Enzo turns 4. When I found out he was coming, I couldn't wait for him to get here! I immediately started imagining all the fun things we could do! Since I didn't have children of my

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A Day in the Life

I was really hoping we'd be done with winter coats by now. It's mid-april and I'm at my limit for cold weather. Living in Buffalo my whole life, I can never get used to the winters here. I mean, how

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